Food Fiestaa
  • General

  • What is Food Fiestaa?

    Food Fiestaa is an online community marketplace for people to choose and order delicious multi-cuisine dishes made by passionate cooks or chefs, who believe in preparing home-style food for food lovers.

  • How does this online market place work?

    Registered Cooks can post their dishes on our website or mobile apps. The food items posted by cooks will be reviewed, tasted, approved by Food Fiestaa team and marketed through our website. Once food products are approved, Consumers can order food via our website or mobile applications based on the availability of the food item. After the order is placed a notification will be sent to the cook to prepare food. When the food is ready, Food Fiestaa delivery team will deliver the food at the specified delivery location.

    Which locations does Food Fiestaa currently provides services?

    Currently we have launched Food Fiestaa Online website and mobile applications only in Chennai. In future we will plan to expand other areas.