Food Fiestaa


In order to serve nutritious, delicious and quality food for our consumers, follow the below cooking standards:


  • Always use FRESH vegetables, fruits, meat, oil.
  • Always use LESS oil for cooking.
  • DO NOT prepare food items which is oily/greasy/buttery.
  • DO NOT serve burnt or spoilt food to our consumers.
  • Maintain clean and sanitized cooking environment
    • Wash hands before cooking.
    • Use clean cooking utensils.

Today’s Special:

  • Prepare Today’s Special food items on daily basis.
  • DO NOT deliver refrigerated/pre-cooked left over food items.

Pre-Order Specials:

  • Prepare pre-order dishes based on the order delivery date & time.

Packaging & Delivery:

  • Use quality aluminum foils and boxes for packaging hot or cold foods.
  • Ensure food is packaged properly to avoid spills.
  • Ensure food is delivered warm.